Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope everyone had a reflective and safe Holiday. 

In this post, we remember there’s so much to be thankful for at CircleLink. Here are a few of those things.

First, to our customer healthcare workers, thank you. Never have we been more grateful and impressed by your service to the communities you serve nationwide. Starting with the April COVID crisis in New York City and more recently elsewhere, the morale and determination we’ve seen as our customers signed up for ICU duty (outside their focus) and other courageous work has been inspiring. Thank you again.

Second, we are grateful for the incredible 400% growth we’ve seen in 2020, which means we can serve 10s of thousands of patients needing remote care now more than ever. We appreciate every practice manager, healthcare executive and clinician that has chosen us as their partner to deliver reimbursable tele-nursing for preventive care between Dr. visits. 

Third, a big thank you to our amazing Registered Nurse care coaches. They’ve done an exceptional job completing >90% of their caseloads despite managing home-schooling and other COVID disruptions. Patients are so happy with the service, that in a few recent instances, patients requested that their new Dr.s also sign up with CircleLink, so the patients could keep the same RN care coach that they rely on.

Finally, we are grateful to expand our product line to Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM), which provides our tele-nurses with better patient data (blood pressure/sugar, weight etc.) from in-home connected sensors. This enhances care to patients and increases preventive care reimbursements to practices. In the few weeks since launch, we’ve already launched 2 practices and are launching 2 other signed organizations serving thousands of patients.

If you’re interested in learning more about CircleLink’s tele-RNs or CCM / RPM platform, please reach out to sales@circlelinkhealth.com.

Raphael Anstey
CEO & Cofounder
CircleLink Health