At CircleLink, we usually focus on i) the health of our patients and ii) supporting our clinician/doctor customers. However, given these challenging times, and the protests/chaos following the brutal killing of George Floyd, we could not remain silent.

Like millions of others, we will always oppose senseless violence and crime against African-Americans or any others. We stand with the Black Community in their quest for equality, with the victims of brutality and with the peaceful protesters exercising their 1st amendment rights to peaceful assembly. The fact that this basic message does not go without saying saddens us. We are also deeply saddened by the destruction we see right outside our HQ’s doors in New York.

Our company strives for zero politics, but I (and many on the team) will take time to reflect on where we have gone wrong as a society and how we can prevent tragedies like George Floyd, and the violence and looting on our streets, from happening again. We hope empathy and listening will rule, so all can be heard and represented in future solutions.

Going forward, we return to work in the spirit of Rep. John Lewis’s recent advice; “Be constructive, not destructive.” And so we continue our mission of improving health for older, chronically ill Americans (often under-served) in partnership with their doctors. This work is our privilege. 

Raphael Anstey