Expand care in-between office visits and financial goals without extra cost. When you partner with CircleLink Health, you can be assured that your patients will receive the best possible care while gaining new sources for Medicare reimbursement.

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What can you expect from CircleLink Health?

Licensed Nurses

Because quality of care is our #1 priority, our care team consists of only Licensed Nurses with over a decade of experience.

Proven Results

CLH guarantees that you will be able to attain new reimbursements while also providing patients with high-quality care.

Seamless Integration

Our platform can be easily deployed into your current workflow and integrates with your existing EHR.

Guaranteed Profits

We’ll work with you to ensure access to new reimbursements and help you reach your goals with zero out-of-pocket cost.

You don’t need extra staff or infrastructure to improve
outcomes and revenue from Medicare programs like
CCM, RPM, and APM value-based models.

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