Doctors across the nation are using CircleLink’s intuitive software and expert nurses to improve health and earn revenue from Medicare’s Chronic Care Management (CCM) and Behavioral Health Integration (BHI) programs.

Specifically, we’ve expanded to the Chicago, Kansas City, Houston, and Gary, IN markets in the past 4 months, and added new practices in existing markets like Arizona and Georgia. This brings our footprint to dozens of active practices located across 13 states, with thousands of patients cared for each month.

New customers since November 2017 include Calvary Medical (Houston, TX), Edgewater Health (Gary, IN), Glendale Heights Healthcare (Bloomingdale, IL), Shelton Hospitalist Group (Atlanta, GA), Edwardo Yambo, MD (Bay Shore, NY), Ottawa Family Physicians (Ottawa, KS), among others.

We owe this growth and positive customer response to our fantastic nurses and tireless team.

Together, we’ve built intuitive technology and care operations that integrate directly into practices’ existing electronic health records, removing the burdens of CCM/BHI. We do it all, from patient eligibility checks, enrollment, information sharing across the entire care team, audit/billing reports and more.

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Raphael Anstey