(Stamford, CT)—CircleLink Health LLC announced today that The Yale Cancer Center is conducting a study employing its CarePlanManagerTM patient engagement platform to determine the impact of using mobile technology to help women stay compliant with their required medication therapy after they have completed their breast cancer treatment. This study, called “BETA”, represents a novel application in the use of our program, which utilizes easily accessible mobile technology to increase medication adherence in order to reduce reoccurrence rates.

By automatically engaging patients on their mobile phones, CarePlanManager regularly (daily and weekly) interacts with patients to determine whether they are taking their medications, to monitor side effects and to help them overcome barriers to getting or taking their medications. When patients report these events, alerts are sent to the care team allowing for an early intervention. Importantly, these patients can also use their mobile phones to contact the CarePlanManager system to report side-effects as they occur.

Dr. Sarah Mougalian Assistant Professor of Medicine, Yale University School of Medicine and the PI for this study says “Patient adherence to an endocrine therapy treatment plan plays a critical role in long-term survival and the possibility of recurrence. We hope the BETA study will provide insights into whether and how mobile technology helps patients adhere to endocrine treatment plans.”