Circlelink Health and the University of Maryland launch safe kidney program using CarePlanManager™ platform

(Stamford, CT) — CircleLink Health LLC announced today that The University of Maryland Department of Medicine Safe Kidney Care program has launched an NIH-funded research project to measure a range of adverse safety events in patients with kidney disease using the CircleLink Health CarePlanManager™ patient engagement platform. CarePlanManager will create a real time eDiary that more accurately tracks and monitors patient-reported adverse safety events, which are typically under-appreciated, and will allow for increased recognition of harmful safety incidents and earlier interventions by health care professionals (HCP’s). This novel approach is designed to test the use of easily accessible mobile technology and its ability to improve outcomes for patients with kidney disease, while reducing care costs and increasing patient self-management.

“We are eager to help our patients benefit from the enhanced detection of adverse safety events that CarePlanManager is expected to provide,” said Dr. Jeffrey C. Fink, Professor of Medicine and Chief of the Division of General Internal Medicine at The University of Maryland School of Medicine and PI of the Safe Kidney Care program. “Not only will the use of CarePlanManager increase the opportunities and speed for modification of medical care or dialysis and improved outcomes, it also will permit us to usher in a new era of how we communicate with patients, allowing them to have a better experience and our hospital to operate in a more efficient, cost-effective manner.”
For CircleLink Health, the Safe Kidney project reinforces the flexibility of the CarePlanManager platform and its easy use by patients across the spectrum of socio-economic status and technology skills, and its ability to drive patient engagement successfully across multiple acute and chronic care conditions.