As Care Management programs have gained popularity among providers and patients alike, providers often ask us if their patients would be satisfied with remote care done by external clinicians versus their internal (but often low-bandwidth) staff.

Patient satisfaction is paramount to not only improve chronic conditions, but also to enhance a doctor’s or clinic’s reputation with their patients. That’s why CircleLink uses 100% RN care coaches to achieve the industry’s highest-grade clinical outcomes and patient happiness.

So we’re delighted to publish our latest, and statistically significant, patient satisfaction survey results. In summary, 97% of the respondents reported satisfaction with the care they received by CircleLink tele-RNs. (5.35% margin of error)

Let’s take a closer look at what our patients had to say.

Methodology & Results 

We polled a group of nearly 1,000 patients actively receiving CircleLink tele-RN services across dozens of practices (CCM/RPM/PCM). These patients were sent survey links via SMS and contacted via phone to facilitate additional survey engagement. Out of the patients that were polled, 320 responded to the survey and we can say with a 95% statistical confidence level, that these results represent nearly tens of thousands of patients that CircleLink has served over the past several years.

After tallying the data, we are pleased to report that we achieved an NPS score of 53 – well above average NPS scores of other industry leaders (fig.1). 97% of patients reported satisfaction with the quality of care management given by our tele-Nurses (100% RNs) and 94% reported satisfaction with CircleLink’s impact on their physical and mental health. Another interesting statistic to note is that 80% of patients (ages 65+) reported regular use of a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Figure 1 - CircleLink vs. other industry leaders

Figure 1 – CircleLink vs. other industry leaders

We also gave survey participants the option to explain in their own words, how monthly care management calls with CircleLink’s tele-RNs, on behalf of their doctors, have positively impacted their lives:

“It’s nice to talk with Jessica [CircleLink RN] each month. She’s such a positive force in my life. She understands when I need to vent and doesn’t judge. Pain is a constant in my life and those around me try their best but they do tire of hearing my complaints.  It’s just so nice to have an outside encourager.”

“Gives me a chance to discuss problems . It is comforting to have someone to talk to about problems without calling the doctor.”

“It has been an inspiration and a challenge to be the healthiest possible”

“Provides medical information between office visits in the comfort of home.”

“I am able to ask questions between doctor visits. And Patricia [CircleLink RN] gives me advice and criticism.”


In addition to improving healthcare outcomes and driving reimbursement, CircleLink Health is delighted to be trusted and valued by patients to help manage their chronic conditions.  We are looking forward to continuing to support them in living the healthiest lives they can!

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