COVID-19 Update: Telehealth Tips, Copay Waiver and CCM Enrollment Boost

We remain supremely impressed by all our customers and healthcare workers exhibiting courage and resolve in these times. Whether practices are transitioning to tele-health in days flat or staff is re-training for hospital duty, we at CircleLink are grateful for them and the opportunity to be helpful.

On our side, re: Chronic Care Management (CCM), we’re seeing record patient enrollment numbers (~2x usual rates) due to patients understanding the need to coordinate care from home.

Also, there’s co-pay waiver news that may further boost enrollment for preventive programs: Tele-health co-pays can now be waived during the crisis, including for CCM, i.e.,  the waiver applies to “monthly remote care management, and monthly remote patient monitoring.” (Source: OIG FAQ Q1 and OIG statement waiving tele-health co-pays here)

Finally, re: Tele-health, we’d like to share below links which Dr.s have told us were helpful, although many practices are already up and running with remote visits:

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CircleLink Team