A partnership between the Toledo Clinic and CircleLink Health to implement Chronic Care Management reduced healthcare costs by more than 30%


A full claims analysis demonstrates that care management reduced healthcare costs by more than 30%. CircleLink Health, the most comprehensive Chronic Care Management platform, collaborated with the Toledo Clinic to showcase how this can be done efficiently. This case study explores how the medical group achieved these results while removing staff burden by outsourcing Chronic Care Management.

The Challenge

Deliver improved patient clinical outcomes and lower costs in healthcare, especially among those patients with chronic conditions, which is a constant challenge for most medical organizations across the United States.

The Solution

The Toledo Clinic partnered with CircleLink’s industry-leading Chronic Care Management Platform, which includes highly qualified RN Care Coaches. CircleLink’s team took care of all the hard work – from care management services and patient engagement to implementing and creating care plans, progress tracking, monitoring, and managing CircleLink’s staff of RNs. Because of the high level of involvement from CircleLink, The Toledo Clinic’s implementation process consisted of just a few brief meetings.

Study Methodology

Toledo Clinic’s MSO, Agilon [no relationship to CircleLink], did a full claims analysis of Medicare Advantage patients on CircleLink CCM compared to a risk-matched control cohort at the same clinic with the same insurance. The data covers the period from 8/1/2020 to 4/30/2021.

Healthcare Cost Reduction Table CircleLink Health Toledo Clinic

The Results

CircleLink Health’s Chronic Care Platform, in partnership with the Toledo Clinic, did some amazing things.

CCM Cost Reduction and Savings Per Patient CircleLink Toledo Clinic
In conclusion, the partnership with CircleLink Health to execute Chronic Care Management drove proven clinical outcomes and additional Medicare reimbursements for the Toledo Clinic without needing out-of-pocket costs or additional staff.



The easiest way to improve patient outcomes without overburdening your practice is to partner with a complete CCM solution like CircleLink Health. Get started today! Learn what to expect when partnering with CircleLink – Click here to watch the testimonial from The Toledo Clinic.

About CircleLink Health:
CircleLink Health provides the industry’s most scalable, automated, and clinically effective Medicare care management platform. With zero upfront cost and near zero staff workload, deployment of the platform allows providers to boost revenue and improve patient outcomes, all while maintaining 97% patient satisfaction. For more information, please visit www.circlelinkhealth.com