The United States is notorious for poor health outcomes (among lowest in western world) despite the highest per capita health spending globally.  One large area for improvement is chronic condition care which comprise 86% of healthcare spending, and a significant portion is preventable, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Medicare’s new Chronic Care Management (CCM) program answers the call and aims to improve outcomes while reducing costs and hospitalizations for patients with conditions like Diabetes and Asthma. Participating providers earn additional reimbursements for engaging patients with 2+ chronic conditions between regular practice visits.

And there’s good news: A recent survey by the Healthcare Intelligence Network (HIN) indicates that 2/3rds of healthcare executives observed reduced hospital admissions which they attributed to their CCM programs (N = 100 healthcare companies).

Prior studies examined outcomes for similar chronic disease follow-up protocols, but not CCM specifically. These studies also confirmed reduced costs and improved health. For example, Medicare and Pepsi/Rand studied the effects of chronic care coaching + education programs similar to CCM. They found ~$130 of cost savings per patient per month along with reductions in hospital admissions ranging from 17% to 29%. (Source: CMS 10-year study pg 18 / PDF pg 29 & Pepsi/Rand 7-year Study)

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CircleLink Team