Statement on George Floyd and Recent Violence

At CircleLink, we usually focus on i) the health of our patients and ii) supporting our clinician/doctor customers. However, given these challenging times, and the protests/chaos following the brutal killing of George Floyd, we could not remain silent.

Like millions of others, we will always oppose senseless violence and crime against African-Americans or any others. We stand with the victims of brutality and with peaceful protesters exercising their 1st amendment rights to peaceful assembly. The fact that this basic message does not go without saying saddens us. We are also deeply saddened by the destruction we see right outside our HQ’s doors in New York.

Our company strives for zero politics, but I (and many on the team) will take time to reflect on where we have gone wrong as a society and how we can prevent tragedies like George Floyd, and the violence and looting on our streets, from happening again. We hope empathy and listening will rule, so all can be heard and represented in future solutions.

Going forward, we return to work in the spirit of Rep. John Lewis’s recent advice; “Be constructive, not destructive.” And so we continue our mission of improving health for older, chronically ill Americans (often under-served) in partnership with their doctors. This work is our privilege. 

Raphael Anstey

COVID-19 Update: Telehealth Tips, Copay Waiver and CCM Enrollment Boost

We remain supremely impressed by all our customers and healthcare workers exhibiting courage and resolve in these times. Whether practices are transitioning to tele-health in days flat or staff is re-training for hospital duty, we at CircleLink are grateful for them and the opportunity to be helpful.

On our side, re: Chronic Care Management (CCM), we’re seeing record patient enrollment numbers (~2x usual rates) due to patients understanding the need to coordinate care from home.

Also, there’s co-pay waiver news that may further boost enrollment for preventive programs: Tele-health co-pays can now be waived during the crisis, including for CCM, i.e.,  the waiver applies to “monthly remote care management, and monthly remote patient monitoring.” (Source: OIG FAQ Q1 and OIG statement waiving tele-health co-pays here)

Finally, re: Tele-health, we’d like to share below links which Dr.s have told us were helpful, although many practices are already up and running with remote visits:

If you think CircleLink’s tele-nurses or platform can be helpful, please reach out to

CircleLink Team

CircleLink Partners with athenahealth to Improve Medicare Reimbursements and Outcomes Through Technology, Data and 100% RN Care Coaches

New York, NY – November 20, 2019 – CircleLink Health, a leading provider of Chronic Care Management (CCM) and Annual Wellness Visits (AWV), today announced a partnership with athenahealth, Inc. through athenahealth’s Marketplace program. As part of the athenahealth® Marketplace, this newly integrated application is now available to athenahealth’s growing network of 120,000 healthcare providers to seamlessly launch new reimbursable wellness programs, like CCM, with CircleLink’s best-in-class RN care coaches.

Here’s what people are saying about CircleLink’s offering:

“What a great service”
– Dr. Jeffrey Hyman FACP, Medical Director, University Physicians Group/Northwell Health

“It has been 16 months of active service with CircleLink. We are already seeing revenue and health improvements.”
– Anne Broumel, Clinic Resource Manager, Wickenburg Community Hospital

“Really enjoy talking to a [CircleLink] Nurse and I think the Medicare program you have me enrolled in is so great. Thank you.”
– Patient, Phoenix (AZ), thanking Physician partnered with CircleLink Health

athenahealth is a network-enabled, results-oriented services company that offers medical record, revenue cycle, patient engagement, care coordination, and population health services for hospital and ambulatory clients. The company’s vision is to build a national health information backbone to help make healthcare work as it should. As a Marketplace partner, CircleLink Health joins a network of like-minded healthcare professionals who are looking to disrupt established approaches in healthcare that simply aren’t working, aren’t good enough, or aren’t advancing the industry and help providers thrive in the face of industry change.

To learn more about CircleLink’s new integrated application, please visit CircleLink’s product listing page on the Marketplace.

About CircleLink Health

CircleLink Health offers software plus telephone nursing for Chronic Care Management (CCM) and Behavioral Health Integration (BHI), as well as tools to boost Annual Wellness Visits (AWV). This allows providers to improve health and earn new Medicare payments (up to $100K+/year per doctor). CircleLink makes it easy by handling patient targeting, enrollment, and integration with various EHRs so doctors can stay on one system. CircleLink uses 100% registered nurses for meaningful remote patient engagement on doctors’ behalf. 

Contact Info
Haziq Ghani
CircleLink Health
(917) 746-2708

New Care Management/CCM Codes for 2020

New Care Management/CCM Codes for 2020

Medicare recently (July 2019) proposed major improvements to Chronic Care Management (“CCM”) and other reimbursable programs, effective Jan. 2020 (source proposal). These changes have the potential to significantly improve practice revenue and patient health (plus lower systemic costs).

Below, we’ve outlined the most impactful reimbursement proposals primary care providers and practice leaders need to know about for 2020.

Check back here in November, when the Medicare proposals are finalized, for an update on what will be included in the final 2020 fee schedule!

Key proposals:

1. TCM (Transitional Care Management) fee increase
2. CCM
a. New code for each additional 20 minutes of care management beyond 20 minutes per month
b. Complex CCM removes requirement for ‘substantial care plan revision’
3. Remote Physiologic Monitoring (RPM) now allows remote/off-site care managers
4. New “Personalized Care Management” for patients with 1 ‘serious chronic condition’

1. TCM (Transitional Care Management) fee increase

TCM incentivizes physicians to follow-up with a patient post-hospital discharge to ensure the patient stays healthy/avoids re-hospitalization. There were nearly 1.3 million TCM claims in 2018, up from 300,000 in 2013, TCM’s first year. However, an analysis by Bindman and Cox found that utilization is still low compared to the number of Medicare eligible discharges. More importantly, the analysis found that beneficiaries who received TCM services demonstrated reduced readmission rates, lower mortality, and decreased health care costs.

To increase clinicians’ use of this valuable care program, Medicare is increasing reimbursements for the codes by as much as 12%:

  • RVU for CPT 99495 increase to 2.36 (from 2.11)
  • RVU for CPT 99496 increase to 3.1 (from 3.05)

2. Chronic Care Management (CCM)

In its recent proposal, Medicare references data showing costs savings and increased patient/provider satisfaction attributable to CCM. Medicare then proposes new codes and changes in the hopes of expanding the program.

a. Most significant is the proposed code “GCCC2” (0.54 RVU) which reimburses “each additional 20 minutes” of needed non-face-to-face follow-up care beyond the first 20 minutes per month. This will allow higher quality follow-ups with patients needing time-consuming care management. For example, CircleLink’s own RNs may spend over 60 minutes in a month coordinating care with a single patient where complex approvals and logistics may be needed, e.g., delivery of medical equipment like an oxygen tank. Other times, a medication reconciliation in addition to detailed patient education/follow-ups may exceed 20 minutes per month but are nonetheless necessary to improve patient health and compliance. This new code (GCCC2) will make sure practices are incentivized to give patients all the follow-up care they need, not just 20 minutes per month.

b. Separately, Complex CCM codes no longer require “substantial care plan revision”. This requirement limited care for many folks requiring 60+ minutes of care coordination where they may not be a ‘substantial care plan revision’ as defined by CMS. To prevent overuse, Medicare is keeping the “moderate or complex medical decision making” point in place.

3. Remote Physiologic Monitoring (RPM) would allow remote care managers

Remote Physiologic Monitoring (~$60-$120 per patient per month for monitoring+managing Blood Pressure/Blood Sugar and other vitals readings remotely) has been affected in 2 key ways. First, there’s a new add-on code (994X0, 0.5 RVUs) for an additional 20 minutes of clinical care management time relating to vitals monitoring, on top of the existing CPT99457 code for the first 20 minutes.

Second, the proposal puts both CPT99457 and this new add-on code under general supervision rather than direct supervision. This means that off-site care managers like CircleLink’s 100% RNs can provide the “Remote physiologic monitoring treatment management services”, whereas in 2019 the clinical staff providing services needs to be on-site in the same facility as the supervising provider/doctor.

4. New “Personalized Care Management” for patients with 1 ‘serious chronic condition’

Finally, a new “Personalized Care Management” code – GPPP2 – covers patients with a single serious chronic condition. This opens up PCM for those who don’t qualify for CCM’s stringent 2-condition requirement. However, it should be noted that this code requires 30 minutes of staff time while paying the same amount as CCM pays for 20 minutes.

GPPP2 will require 1 condition for which a patient has received care for 3-12 months, which puts patient at risk for hospitalization, or has resulted in a recent hospitalization. Insofar as we can say now, GPPP2 may be billed by a specialist in parallel with a Primary Care Provider doing CCM. Terms and payment amounts will be roughly the same as CCM (~$42 per patient per month), except that the proposed 2020 fees appear to require 30 minutes of clinical staff time instead of 20 minutes for CCM.


Is your practice prepared to take advantage of these adjustments to CCM, RPM and other care management programs? Are you already doing your best with existing CCM and BHI programs? CircleLink can help demystify the reimbursement process and assess whether your practice is a fit for increasing revenue and patient health through these reimbursable services.

To learn more, please drop us a line at or call 917-999-6560.

CircleLink Partners with Newark Beth Israel to Expand Chronic Care Management

CircleLink Health, a leading preventative care platform, is delighted to partner with Newark Beth Israel (NBI), a RWJBarnabas Health facility, to provide Chronic Care Management and other preventative services to thousands of Medicare patients.

By transitioning to CircleLink’s best-in-class Chronic Care Management and Behavioral Health platform, NBI has significantly expanded their in-house program with zero additional staff, while leveraging CircleLink’s 100% RN care coaches to improve chronic condition outcomes. To date, the partnership increased patients serviced over 20X since launch in late January 2019. Furthermore, from February to June 2019, the program retained over 99% of patients who met billing requirements for 3 or more months.

Raphael Anstey, CircleLink’s CEO remarked: “We couldn’t be happier with the initial roll-out at Newark Beth Israel. The team there is singularly focused on patient outcomes and experience while helping us scale operations.” He went on to say “We’re also evaluating other preventative care opportunities in areas where the NBI team has expressed interest, both at NBI and at the greater RWJBarnabas system.”

Interested in how CircleLink’s preventative care platform can increase patient health and practice revenue at your facility? Drop us a line at!

About CircleLink

CircleLink Health offers telephone nursing for Chronic Care Management (CCM) and Behavioral Health Integration (BHI), as well as tools to boost Annual Wellness Visits (AWV). This allows providers to improve health and earn new Medicare payments (up to $100K+/year per doctor). CircleLink makes it easy by handling patient targeting, enrollment, and integration with various EHRs so doctors can stay on one system. CircleLink uses 100% registered nurses for meaningful remote patient engagement on doctors’ behalf.

About Newark Beth Israel

Founded in 1901, Newark Beth Israel Medical Center (NBIMC) is a regional care teaching hospital that provides comprehensive health care.  NBIMC also offers many preventive health programs that promote wellness in the community, including The Beth Greenhouse, which provides access to fresh produce and health and wellness education to local residents. Community wellness initiatives include the award‐winning Beth Greenhouse, KidsFit Program, and The Beth Challenge, as well as the Rev. Dr. Ronald B. Christian Community Health and Wellness Center.


Haziq Ghani
CircleLink Health
(917) 746-2708

CircleLink Partners with Fresco Capital and New Investors for Next Phase of Growth

We are pleased to announce that CircleLink recently raised a $5M equity financing led by Fresco Capital with participation from Vivek Garipalli. This capital will help expand product lines and sales channels, to further our mission of improving chronic condition outcomes and reducing healthcare costs. Existing partners joining the recent round were Newark Venture Partners, I2BF Global Ventures and FundersClub.

We could not be happier with these investors. Fresco brings extensive venture investment experience, including multiple digital health exits. Their thesis on the future of work also makes them a perfect fit with our remote work tele-nursing platform. Vivek’s operating experience is just as impactful: Founder/CEO of Clover Health and CarePoint, and a founding board member of Flatiron Health. As part of the transaction, Vivek’s investing partner, Luke Boyett, will be joining the board of CircleLink. Luke brings a decade of healthcare experience at Humana, most recently as VP of Corporate Finance and M&A, where he led multiple transactions and investments around value-based care and chronic care management themes. Allison Baum, co-founder and Managing Partner at Fresco Capital, will also be joining the board.

With these resources and expertise, we’re energized to continue building a world-class preventative care platform to improve health, reduce costs, and accelerate the transition to fee-for-value.

About: CircleLink is an online platform and telephone nurse service using data and product to better remotely manage patients with chronic and behavioral conditions between doctor visits, on behalf of those doctors ($10B addressable market).

Through our Chronic Care Management (CCM) and Behavioral Health Integration (BHI) solutions, providers can improve health and earn new Medicare payments (up to $60K/year per doctor). CircleLink makes it easy by handling patient targeting, enrollment, and integration with various EHRs so doctors can stay on one system. CircleLink uses 100% registered nurses for meaningful remote patient engagement on doctors’ behalf.

Interested in learning more? Check out or shoot us a line at

CircleLink wins Freshbooks and Fidelity’s Reshape the World Challenge

CircleLink Health was announced as one of three winners of the first Reshape the World Challenge on June 18, 2018, picked from an “overwhelming number of entries”.

The competition, sponsored by Freshbooks and Fidelity, specifically focused on discovering innovative companies that provide tools to support self-employed individuals. Regarding CircleLink’s selection, Freshbooks states: “By providing a platform that does all the administrative work — scheduling, time-tracking, and health record aggregation — nurses can focus on what they do best, serving patients. CircleLink is enabling freedom and remote work opportunities, so nurses can avoid 90-minute daily commutes and be in control of their lifestyles”.

As a winner, CircleLink Health was awarded $10,000, expert-level mentorship, and a trip to the American Underground, one of ten Google for Entrepreneurs tech hubs in North America, in Durham, North Carolina.

Photo above: Chelsea Pruett, Circle Link Director of Operations, and Raphael Anstey, Circle Link CEO (center), along with Freshbooks co-founder, Levi Cooperman (right). PC: FreshBooks Blog

“It’s really great they’re helping the self-employed. The nurses they’re helping can focus on what they do, care for the aging, so they don’t have to worry about doing the administrative tasks.”

Levi Cooperman, FreshBooks’ Co-founder and Vice President of Operations

Practices nationwide choose CircleLink to deliver chronic care management

Doctors across the nation are using CircleLink’s intuitive software and expert nurses to improve health and earn revenue from Medicare’s Chronic Care Management (CCM) and Behavioral Health Integration (BHI) programs.

Specifically, we’ve expanded to the Chicago, Kansas City, Houston, and Gary, IN markets in the past 4 months, and added new practices in existing markets like Arizona and Georgia. This brings our footprint to dozens of active practices located across 13 states, with thousands of patients cared for each month.

New customers since November 2017 include Calvary Medical (Houston, TX), Edgewater Health (Gary, IN), Glendale Heights Healthcare (Bloomingdale, IL), Shelton Hospitalist Group (Atlanta, GA), Edwardo Yambo, MD (Bay Shore, NY), Ottawa Family Physicians (Ottawa, KS), among others.

We owe this growth and positive customer response to our fantastic nurses and tireless team.

Together, we’ve built intuitive technology and care operations that integrate directly into practices’ existing electronic health records, removing the burdens of CCM/BHI. We do it all, from patient eligibility checks, enrollment, information sharing across the entire care team, audit/billing reports and more.

Interested in learning more? Shoot us a line at

Raphael Anstey

CircleLink chosen from nearly 1,000 companies for dreamit health accelerator program

NEW YORK and PHILADELPHIA, March 24, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Leading global startup accelerator Dreamit announced today the new cohort of companies accepted to its inaugural 2016 cycle. The 25 accepted companies, representing twice the number Dreamit has accelerated in previous cycles, will be the first class to participate in the newly evolved program.

The selected startups were chosen from an applicant pool of nearly 1,000 companies from over 40 countries based on metrics including the strength of the team, uniqueness of insights into the problems they are solving, and their capacity to revolutionize the industries in which they operate: healthcare and education.

“Dreamit set out to reimagine acceleration in a way that would create greater value for our startups, partners, and investors by breaking down barriers to innovation and attracting a broader range of entrepreneurs,” said Dreamit CEO Avi Savar. “The 25 companies we are announcing, who are based all around the world and represent different stages of the startup lifecycle, are proof that we have succeeded. We are honored to welcome these incredibly talented and passionate founders into the Dreamit network.”

Dreamit last year announced significant changes to its model to attract a more diverse cohort of startups, including later stage companies that have already received funding and would not typically consider an accelerator. Key upgrades include introducing a “Zero/Zero” offer to allow entrepreneurs to participate without giving up equity, removing the relocation requirement, and adding more customer touch points to allow startups to receive commercial validation and build out their pipelines earlier in the four month program. Additionally, instead of a traditional accelerator Demo Day, Dreamit will now curate targeted investor meetings for companies during a two week bi-coastal investor roadshow at the conclusion of the 16 weeks.

For the first time this year, accepted companies will begin their immersion into startup methodology at Destination Dreamit, a summit bringing together top VCs, Dreamit alumni, and industry thought leaders. The companies will then spend 16 weeks testing their assumptions, iterating their products, growing their pipelines, meeting customers, and interacting with their assigned mentors and advisors.

Dreamit Health, now entering its 4th year of partnership with Penn Medicine and Independence Blue Cross, has added a new partnership with Zimmer Biomet this year as well as increased the number of startups in its cohort thanks to a prestigious Blackstone Innovation Grant. Dreamit EdTech, a new vertical leveraging the demonstrated success of an industry-focused model, is launching this year in partnership with Penn State University.

Dreamit Health and Dreamit EdTech will run simultaneously in New York and Philadelphia with companies participating remotely from Israel, Canada and Mexico. Dreamit is planning to roll out more verticals and innovation hubs later this year.

Dreamit Health 2016 Cycle I Companies

  • Addicaid – Social tools for treating and preventing substance abuse and addiction.
  • Admetsys – An artificial pancreas device that measures, models, and treats patients in real time.
  • Cellepathy – Solving distracted driving and other connected-car problems by applying artificial intelligence to smartphone sensor data.
  • CircleLinkHealth – Turn-key chronic care management and patient engagement to improve health and doctors’ reimbursements.
  • DNAsimple – An online DNA bank for researchers to have access to DNA samples from people from all over the world.
  • InquisitHealth – Peer-to-peer mentoring to improve health outcomes for diabetes, pre-diabetes, asthma, HIV, and CKD.
  • Keriton – Automates pumped breast milk management systems at neonatal ICUs.
  • Kermit – The first collaborative spend management platform for hospitals and their surgeons.
  • MedAware – Promoting patient safety by transforming large-scale medical data into actionable clinical knowledge.
  • MedStack – An end-to-end development platform for the creation of integrated compliant healthcare apps.
  • Neofluidics LLC – Next generation screening tools used by pharmaceutical companies for drug screening dramatically reducing development costs.
  • Prevnos – Inventor of the world’s first Hybrid Fusion FISH™ (fluorescence in situ hybridization) assays to screen for cancer prior to onset of disease.
  • Somatix – Preventative behavioral health data-analytics software platform for smoking cessation, using big data derived from wearables.
  • Suggestic – A lifestyle and nutrition GPS for diabetics, powered by artificial intelligence for deep personalization.
  • Wellth – Behavioral economics meets healthcare. Works with healthcare payers to produce cost-saving behavior changes in members through science-based incentive plans.

Dreamit EdTech 2016 Cycle I Companies

  • 101 – Mobile platform for STEM education combining traditional online homework software with automated tutoring to give students everything they need to master their courses in one place.
  • CampusKudos – Provides universities and independent secondary schools with a private platform to drive professional connections within their communities.
  • CampusESP Helps colleges and universities leverage parent and family involvement to improve student success.
  • Lessoncast – Teacher preparation & professional development, from teacher e-portfolios to community-created video libraries demonstrating key teaching practices.
  • Prompt – Professor-quality feedback on the content and structure of writing, provided by subject experts and at an affordable price.
  • Ruvna – An online platform making safer & smarter schools.
  • Study Abroad Apartments – Easy, stress-free, reliable process to find accommodations abroad.
  • StudyTree – Understanding how we consume and retain information by creating interactive scheduling of on-campus resources for students and a management analytics platform for institutions.
  • Tassl – A full package solution for driving alumni engagement for universities and alumni groups.
  • University Beyond – Helping brands recruit, manage, and pay on-campus brand ambassadors.

About Dreamit
Ranked one of the top 10 accelerators in the world by Forbes and a top 20 most active venture investor by the National Venture Capital Association and PricewaterhouseCoopers, Dreamit focuses on bringing the right people together to drive progressive innovation and real business velocity. Dreamit has launched over 220 startups that have gone on to raise in excess of $275M and are collectively worth in excess of$1B including LevelUp, SeatGeek, BioBots, Biomeme, Adaptly, Meerkat, and more.

Media Contacts
Charlotte Stone I Lyndsey Estin 

University physicians group (ny) selects CircleLink health to deliver chronic care management services to its 15,000 medicare patients

(Stamford, CT) –University Physicians Group (UPG), has selected CircleLink Health, an industry leader in preventative healthcare technology, to improve patient outcomes and enable Medicare’s new chronic care management (CCM) program.

“This partnership makes it easier for UPG to deliver high quality, preventative health care that will improve medical outcomes and lower the cost of healthcare delivered by UPG physicians. We also help the practice meet and document all of the reimbursement requirements set by Medicare.” said Jonathan Katz, CEO and Co-Founder of CircleLink Health, “All while minimizing the investment in resources needed to receive these reimbursements.”

With patients eager to participate in this new and exciting program, Dr. Jeffrey Hyman, Medical Director of UPG, remarked “Partnering with CircleLink gives us an excellent and cost effective way to care for chronically ill patients between office visits and prevent unnecessary complications.”

About University Physicians Group

University Physicians Group is a multi-specialty medical group of 53 physicians and other healthcare professionals committed to providing high quality, accessible healthcare to both Staten Island and southern Brooklyn, across 13 locations.

Comprised mostly of primary care physicians, Board Certified in internal medicine and family practice, these providers are here to serve the healthcare needs of the community from pediatrics to geriatrics. Aligned with a strong presence of specialties including allergy, dermatology, endocrinology, podiatry (including diabetic foot), rheumatology, UPG provides comprehensive services in these fields of specialty while working closely with affiliated institutions and other providers to insure optimal quality healthcare is available and obtained in a timely manner.

About CircleLink Health

CircleLink Health, a leading health technology company, improves health for patients with chronic conditions by engaging them through their mobile or landline phones, allowing their physicians to easily earn Medicare’s new chronic care reimbursement.

CircleLink Health previously has delivered successful projects for Johns Hopkins University, Tulane University, Yale New-Haven Medical Center, Emory University and other top-notch institutions. Visit for more information.