5 Ways Chronic Care Management (CCM) Increases Profitability infographic

1. Creates New Reimbursement Opportunities

By offering additional billable services that your organization did not previously provide, you open up the door to new reimbursements and revenues.

2. Improves Quality of Care and Patient Outcomes

As quality measures like HEDIS, Medicare Advantage Star Rating, and MIPS gain prominence, improving outcomes and boosting quality become key to increasing profitability. Organizations can keep their ratings and scores high through CCM initiatives such as care coordination, patient education, medication management, lifestyle counseling, and proactive interventions.

3. Reaching Value-Based Care Goals

For organizations working under value-based contracts with payors, CCM is an excellent tool to increase quality of care, reach care goals, and, ultimately, increase their shared savings incentive payments.

4. Increases Patient Engagement

Healthcare organizations often fail to regularly engage their patients with chronic conditions who are at risk of costly health events. A CCM program can bridge this gap by facilitating regular and meaningful interactions with high-risk populations. By providing personalized support, you can promote better patient outcomes while reducing leakage and no-show rates.

5. Boosts Efficiency

Outsourcing your program to an experienced CCM service provider can streamline processes, reduce administrative costs, and ensure accurate documentation to promptly receive proper reimbursements.

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